Sci-Fi Circuit: Insights from ‘Needle in a Timestack’

Sci-Fi Circuit: Insights from ‘Needle in a Timestack’

A new article over on Script Mag with my key takeaways after viewing time-travel romance Needle in a Timestack through the lens of what can be learned from both a storytelling and structural standpoint.

1. Begin with a compelling, personal, emotional opening
2. Study the art of efficient explainers
3. Explore big ideas in a personal context
4. Don’t let time travel questions unravel the story
5. Reckon with universal themes
6. What stories do we want to tell about women?
7. A different take on a villain

[read the article on Script Mag]

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5 Screenwriting Takeaways: ‘2067’

5 Screenwriting Takeaways: ‘2067’

A new article over on the Final Draft blog with five screenwriting takeaways from 2067 to draw on as you craft your own sci-fi scripts.

1. A compelling “what if” premise
2. A hook that keeps your audience wondering
3. Global and personal stakes tied together
4. A time travel explainer moment
5. An inevitable but surprising and satisfying conclusion

[read more on the Final Draft blog]

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