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Space commander Jadera Castillian discovers her son has the power to open portals between dimensions, and when aliens use him to threaten the human race with extinction — she's forced to choose between saving him, and saving the world.

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Jenna Avery is a sci-fi and fantasy screenwriter known for her strong protagonists and her visceral and cinematic writing style.

She specializes in writing mythic, dramatic sci-fi and fantasy stories often with deeper spiritual significance, grounded through simple but powerful human relationships at their core.

Jenna Avery

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Cell Block Zero Gee

Two convicts attempt a dangerous escape from a low-gravity space prison when they uncover an illegal execution scheme … and realize they are next. Spec feature.

The Seventh

A hotshot computer programmer is unexpectedly endowed with alien superpowers and must master them in time to prevent an inter-dimensional alien invasion. Writer for hire.

Desert Stars

A Walk With Father

A young boy must cross a desert to repair his damaged robot guardian, but discovers he must learn to take care of himself before she’s taken from him. Writer for hire.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

- Arthur C. Clarke




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