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Artists, writers, actors, creatives — when you hold back on being the artist you are here to be, you waste your precious life energy.

Creative Destiny Assessment Sessions

I offer private Creative Destiny Assessment sessions give you a clear picture of where you are on your path to your creative calling and what it’s going to take to get there. You’ll leave the session with a sense of your next right steps.

“Jenna’s Creative Destiny Assessment was a breakthrough experience for me.”

“Jenna’s Creative Destiny Assessment was a breakthrough experience for me. It gave me instant clarity on what areas I was stuck on, and what to work on. I felt a big sense of relief and inspiration at the end of the session.”

~ Saqi Dosaj, Singer, Songwriter, Creative Pioneer,

You’ll also have the opportunity to talk with me about ways I might be best able to support you to move forward on claiming your creative destiny through a private mentoring arrangement, and if you choose to work with me further, the full amount of  your fee for your Assessment session will be applied to your program.

In our session, we’ll review:

  • The strength of your creative identity.
  • The clarity of your creative vision.
  • To what extent creative blocks, limiting thoughts, and beliefs are stopping you from achieving your vision.
  • Your level of productivity and follow through with your creative work.
  • How well your support job is actually supporting your creative efforts.
  • Your comfort with being seen by an audience and your skill at reaching out to them.
  • How well your work is getting out into the world, or not.

Jill“Seriously awesome.”

“What I loved most about your Creative Destiny Assessment was that it gave me a super-clear picture of where I am with my creativity, and what I need to work on to move forward. It also uncovered some beliefs about creativity that I didn’t even know I had! Seriously awesome.

Jill Winski, Writer & Creativity Coach,



Your assessment session will include:

  • A detailed review and conversation with me.
  • A scored assessment returned to you after our session with notes reflecting our discussion (PDF).
  • Recommendations for next steps on your creative path.
  • An mp3 recording of the session for you to refer back to at your leisure.


Book Your Private Creative Destiny Assessment Here

60 minute session, regularly $297

Special introductory rate of $197
If further private mentoring work is an outcome of this assessment, the full fee may be applied to the mentoring program fee.



After purchasing your session, you’ll be redirected a page where you can schedule your appointment with me at your convenience.
Sessions are usually held on Tuesdays and Thursdays


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